5 Day Combo: Fortaleza City Tour with Fortaleza Beaches & Beach Park

Take an incredible panoramic City Tour, and get to know the history and culture of the city of Fortaleza. Then proceed to the former fishing colony of Praia de Cumbuco (approximately 37 km from Fortaleza). On the other days, discover the massive cliffs of the rustic beach of Canoa Quebrada, the red cliffs and colorful dunes of Morro Branco, the paradisiacal beach of Lagoinha and discover one of the largest water parks in the world!

5 Days
Mobile & printed vouchers accepted
Free Cancellation
Fully refundable when canceled up to 24 hours prior to departure.


  • Guided Tours of Historical & Modern Sights
  • Cumbuco Beach and its gorgoeus sand dunes
  • Mystic, Exotic, Peaceful Beaches of Canoa Quebrada
  • Fantastic Colored Sand Dune Labyrinths in Morro Branco
  • Post Card Tropical Paradise of Lagoinha
  • Have fun in water slides, waterfalls and an artificial river in the Beach Park


  • Roundtrip Transfer to Most Hotels in Fortaleza
  • Professional Tour Guide
  • Panoramic city tour
  • Tour on the beaches of Cumbuco, Canoa Quebrada, Morro Branco and Lagoinha
  • Roundtrip transfer to Beach Park


  • Food and Beverages
  • Buggy rides and All optional rides
  • Beach Park Entrance Fees

Please Note

  • The specific departure time for this tour will be determined upon reconfirmation.
  • The following items are recommended: Sunscreen, Sunglasses, Swim Suit, Sandals, Towel, Hiking Boots or Tennis Shoes.
  • Optional Dune Buggies Ride – Approx BRL 150.00 per buggy
  • Optional Ski Bunda – Approx BRL 5.00 per person
  • Optional Boat ride (Lagoinhas) to the Almécegas Pond combined with Pau-de-Arara Rides (An Open Truck Used by Migrants) - Approx BRL 60.00 / Subject to Availability
  • Beach Park Entrance Fees - Adult - BRL 225,00 / Child (01 meter or more, up to 12 years old) - BRL 225,00
  • Prices are approximated and subject to change without notice
  • It is necessary to have 5 full days available for the combo, excluding the day of arrival and departure, as the tours start in the morning and end in the late afternoon.


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5 Day Combo: Fortaleza City Tour with Fortaleza Beaches & Beach Park

5 Days

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Day 1: City Tour with Cumbuco Beach

In this “City Tour” you, the visitor, are invited to discover the history and uniqueness of the beautiful city of Fortaleza. The Portuguese colonists were the first non-native settlers in Ceará that, in dispute with dutchmen around the Fort of Schooneborch, founded a small village that would officially become the city of Fortaleza de Nossa Senhora da Assunção, on April 13, 1726. Today, the city is the fifth largest in Brazil with a population of 2.2 Million.

You’ll experience the full spectrum of the city, from young Fortaleza to old. You’ll experience first hand the diversity and beauty of the city’s well maintained historical buildings including: the Metropolitan Cathedral, Central Market, the President Castelo Branco Mausoleum, the Martyr’s Square, the Center of Tourism, the Statue of Iracema, the Beach of Meireles with its famous crafts fair, the beach that shelters the Rafts Harbour of Mucuripe and the famous beach “Praia do Futuro.”

On to the Sol Poente Route and discover a haven of countless natural beauties. At 37km east of Fortaleza, in the district of Caucaia, we find Cumbuco Beach. Originally an ancient fisherman colony, Cumbuco is a beautiful place with a surprising sand dune landscape punctuated only by mini oasis of green coconut trees and sparkling ponds. You’ll have all the vacation amenities you need to relax, with classic hotels, bars and restaurants nearby.

When you’re done relaxing and ready for action, Cumbuco offers a variety of optionals: rustic raft rides and exciting dune buggy rides on the moving dunes, or take a shot at the local sport, ski-bunda where riders take a speed sled down the giant sand dunes, picking up speed before crashing into the refreshing waters of the pond of Parnamirim. You can also try the fun horseback ride. All of them are optionals and therefore not included.

Day 2: Canoa Quebrada

Located 156km away from Fortaleza, in the district of Aracati, Canoa Quebrada is the perfect beach paradise, ideal for anyone searching for only the most unique, mystic and exotic landscapes.

Massive cliffs surround you, belvederes overlooking the beautiful town of Canoa Quebrada where time has stopped. Simplicity echoes from the cliffs of this land before time where you can forget about the world and enter the life of one of the town’s natives.

Indulge your culinary palate by entering one of the many huts across the beach where you’ll be served up the freshest variety of seafood dishes you’ll ever taste. The high speed buggy rides through rugged sand dunes will make you feel like you’re in the middle of an international rally race taking place in the heart of the desert. Bathe in the warm waters of this small, reef protected bay and experience peacefulness that can only be felt in Canoa Quebrada.

Day 3: Morro Branco

Approximately 50 miles from Fortaleza is the district of Beberibe, one of the most beautiful areas on the Ceara seacoast. The filming location for various television and movie productions, Morro Branco is world famous for its handmade works of art created inside glass containers. Here tourists are driven by local guides into the labyrinths formed between the dunes and cliffs from which various shades of colored sands are removed.

Day 4: Lagoinha

104 km away from Fortaleza, in the district of Paraipaba, Lagoinha is one of the largest attractions along the Sol Poente Route. Once an ancient hiding place for French Pirates, today Lagoinha is a quiet fisherman colony situated in a majestic position overlooking an exuberant landscape of coconut trees, white sand beaches, and red dunes that welcome the lazy waves lapping the shores of this natural bay.

The bars and restaurants offer optional boat rides to the Almécegas Pond combined with pau-de-arara rides (an open truck used by migrants).

Day 5: Transfer to the Beach Park

At 22km east of Fortaleza on the Sol Nascente Route, hidden among the dunes of the Aquiraz district, you’ll also find the beach of Porto das Dunas, home to one of the internationally recognized top water parks in the world...Beach Park!
This modern oasis combines the fun and beauty of the beach with all the high tech rides of your favorite water park. The compound also hosts a resort hotel, souvenir shops, the Jangada museum, and a structure on the beach roasting flavorful fresh caught crab.

As one of the largest seaside aquatic parks in the world, Aqua Park has something fun for everyone with water slides, waterfalls, an artificial river and two thrilling rides you won’t find anywhere else. It has two unique equipment in Brazil. The INSANO, the tallest water slide in the world with a radical descent of 41m, and the Maremoto, the largest wave pool in Latin America.

The leisure area of the aquatic park is ISO 9002 certified to meet strict international quality and safety standards. At around 5pm, you will get back to the vehicle and be dropped off at your hotel.

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