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Q: Why should I book with Gray Line Brazil?

A:You should book with a brand that you trust. Gray Line has been providing high quality services for over 100 years in over 150 destinations all across the globe. Gray Line Brazil has been a part of the family for over 35 years and we are chosen supplier of some of the biggest travel companies in the world. We are your one-stop shop for tours all over Brazil and our customer support team will help with your questions and requests all over Brazil.

Q: I wanted to take a tour but you don't offer that product. What should I do?

A:There are a few products which might depart on specific days of the year, which might confirm its departures too close to the actual departure date or that we don't offer because we might not have a demand for it. But please do e-mail us and we will do our best to arrange that service for you.

Q: There is a product that you offer on shared basis, but I wanted to take that in private. is that possible?

A:On our website you will already see some of our shared tours being offered in private, however if you don't find the option you are looking for, just e-mail us and we will provide you with a quote. just remember to include the product, the date, the number of people, departure location and any additional information that you deem necessary.

Q: What is Gray Line Brazil's cancellation policy.

A:The majority of our tours may be cancelled for a 100% refund when cancelled with at least 24-hours’ notice; Some tours may not be cancelled once book. This exceptions will be mentioned in the product page. Normally these non-refundable tours, are tours that involve a non-refundable event ticket or packages. All tours are non-refundable when cancelled within 24-hours of the tour’s departure time.

Q: I don't want to participate in pick ups. I'd rather go to the last meeting point, Can I do that?

A:We offer pick ups and drop offs on the majority of our tours. some are meeting point departures, however even for the tours that we do offer pick ups and drop offs you might prefer going to the last pick up point and being dropped off at the first drop off location. You might select that option either when booking or when reconfirming your tours.

Q: Do I need a Visa to enter Brazil?

A:There are several contries in which its citizens are required to have a Visa to enter Brazil. it is imperative that you check this before making your travel arrangements. 

Below you will find a file with a list of all the countries that Brazil has diplomatic relationship with and if Visa are required or not depending on the purpose of the trip and for how long.

25th of June's 2015 update on Entrace Visas to Brazil

Please note that this version might be outdated and a new updated version might have been issued. To find the updated version, please click here.

Additionally Wikipedia has a page on Brazil's Visa Policy which might be easier to understand. but again, do note that this is not updated by Brazil's Ministry of External Relations.

Wikipedia's Brazil Visa Policy

Note that we are not responsible for the content of any of those external links and cannot be held responsible for the information provided there.

If you have one of these Nationalities, you may apply for a E-VISA to Brazil: Australian, Japanese, Canadian or United States National.

See some Frequently asked questions on The E-VISA

Where do I apply?

·     Through the dedicated website -

How much does it cost?

·     Approximately USD 44,24 per person. Payment can be made online by credit card.

Can I apply for this VISA at The Airport before boarding or once I arrive to Brazil?

·     No, you must apply ahead of time as it needs a few days to be processed.

How long does it take?

·     On average within 5 business days.

How long is It valid for? 

·     2 years.

How long can I stay in Brazil with this VISA?

·     Up to 90 days per year.

Is the process entirely online?

·     Yes!  

For more information please access the Frequently Asked questions of the dedicated website @

Q: I'm doing a tour in Iguassu Falls to Argentina or Paraguay. Do I need a Visa?

A:Even if you will be in Argentina or Paraguay for the day, the same rules immigration rules apply as if you were visiting for a longer period. This means that you also have to check if you can enter this country without a Visa or not.

Argentina's Information:

You may check Argentina's Visa Regimen on any of their consulate's websites.

Visa Regimen

Do note that for United States and Canada there is no need for a Visa but a need to pay a recriprocity fee online and present it upon entering the country.

Reciprocity fee's instructions

Additionally Wikipedia has a page on Argentina's Visa Policy which might be easier to understand. but again, do note that this is not updated by Argentina's Ministry of External Relations.

Wikipedia's Argentina Visa Policy

Paraguay's Information:

Below you will find the Wikipedia's page on Paraguay's Visa Policy. If you require a Visa, be sure to not enter Paraguay without it to avoid any trouble. The customs might not be as rigid as you might expect but then you could be caught inside the country, which is a lot worse. 

Wikipedia's Paraguay Visa Policy

Note that we are not responsible for the content of any of those external links and cannot be held responsible for the information provided there. 

Q: I have a Group or Event. Do you just do tours or do you offer transportation and meals for groups?

A:We also provide services for Groups and Events. Please do e-mail us with all the relevant information and we will provide you with a quote.