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Main sights

How to get to Curitiba:

Some Airlines fly to Curitiba from outside of Brazil. Here is a list:

American Airlines / Aerolineas Argentinas.

It has at least two or more daily flights to Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo.

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Curitiba is located in the South of Brazil in the State of Paraná. 3:00 hours away is Balneário de Camboriú, a beach balneary in the coast of the State. Also 3:00 hours away is Blumenau, with its remarking german culture and architecture and even closer is the Beto Carrero World theme park, just 2:30 hours away.

Curitiba can be bundled with Balneário and its surroundings by land or with Rio and São Paulo by air, from which you can connect with other cities in Brazil.

What to see:

The Paraná state capital brings an European charm that sets it apart from most of Brazil. Curitiba is full of sights such as the Opera House wire, Oscar Niemeyer Museum, the Botanical Gardens and several parks scattered throughout the city's neighborhoods. And you can check all this in one of our city tours.

The city and the environment are in perfect harmony. The connection between the two has become a tourist attraction on its own. And with the infrastructure in place to meet the needs not only of residents but from tourists alike, Curitiba is very well prepared to welcome crowds of visitors. 

A good suggestions is a visit to the panoramic tower of Curitiba; from above, on a clear day, you can have panoramic views of the city, spotting up the Serra do Mar (Sea Hill), where the telephone museum works.

Only a few hours away, you can visit beautiful cities. In Ponta Grossa, located 100km (62 miles) from Curitiba, you find the Vila Velha State Park, the main natural attraction of the region. In trail rides and guided by professionals, you can take a closer look at large craters with exuberant vegetation and groundwater, beautiful rock formations with varying contours, as well as Lagoa Dourada (Golden Pond), which gets its name from its glinting golden waters from the reflection of the sunset. 

A few kilometers from Curitiba, you also find the historic city of Morretes. You can get there by car or taking a train by the railway inside the ecological reserve of Serra do Mar, in all its charm. Both ways will guarantee beautiful scenery and fantastic photos.

Climate and Temperature in Curitiba:

Curitiba height is just short of 1k. Combining that with the fact that it is located in the south of Brazil, is easy to assume that Curitiba is a cold city and pack appropriately.

Its average maximum temperature in summer is around 23 Degrees Celsius or 73 Degrees Celsius. The average minimum temperature in these months, is of 16 Degrees Celsius or 61 Degrees Celsius.

When Autumn starts it gets colder and colder until the average maximum temperature reaches 15 Degrees in June. The average minimum temperature is around 7 Degrees Celsius or 45 Degrees Fahrenheit.

The rainy season is in January, February, October and December. In winter, normally there is a lot of fog.

The Best time to go to Curitiba:

Any time of the year is a good time to go to Curitiba. You just have to analyses based on the temperatures that you are used to. If you come from warmer places, you should visit in summer. If you are used to the cold, winter should be manageable.

What to try from Curitiba's local cuisine:

Barreado – Very popular all over the State of Paraná, the “Barreado” consists of several cuts of beef slowly cooked over 12 hours on a clay pan. Manioc flour added with water is used to seal the pan, preventing steam from coming out. Once done the meat just falls apart. To be served, you add manioc flour and put the broth along with the meat on top of it.

General Information:

Local Time is UCT/GMT – 3

Currency is the same all over Brazil - BRL – R$ - Brazilian Reais. Pronounced as Re-eyes (plural) or Re-owl (singular). No establishment accepts payment in any currency other than BRL.

Tap water is not drinkable. You should only drink bottled water. That is what you’ll be served when you ask for “water” anywhere you go.

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