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How to get to Búzios:

Búzios airport is a small one and does not receive regular commercial flights. The best, most common and easiest way to get to Búzios is through Rio de Janeiro.

Búzios is just 2:30 hours away from Rio.

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Búzios is in the Southeast of Brazil in the State of Rio de Janeiro. It is North from Rio, Following the coastline. You can bundle it with Rio de Janeiro and from there fly to other cities in the rest of the Country.

What to see:

A humble fishing village that turned into a global scale attraction. This is the charming city of Búzios, a balneary filled with paradisiacal beaches, just a few hours away from the capital of Rio de Janeiro. A destination that has been highlighted by the beauty and sophistication that now are present in the whole city.

With no less than 19 beaches and several islands along its coast, you cannot miss an afternoon at Bardot’s waterfront, which will win your heart over, just as it did with the French muse Brigitte Bardot. Búzios now holds great restaurants and clubs with parties in front of the sea. There is no shortage of attractions for your vacation.

It doesn’t matter if you are playing sports, enjoying a Caipirinha while watching the sunset or doing a schooner or buggy tour, you will have a perfect suntan by the end anyhow.

Some beaches are a must-see, such as Azeda, Azedinha and Praia do Forno, where the waters are crystal clear and super suitable for scuba diving. 

Climate and Temperature in Búzios:

Búzios climate is the same as Rio de Janeiro’s . Warm from November through the end of March. The average maximum temperature in those months are close to 30 Degrees Celsius or 86 Fahrenheit

The coldest months are May through August with temperatures usually around 20 Degrees Celsius or 68 Degrees Fahrenheit, getting slightly warmer in the sunny days in around noon and a little bit chili early in the morning and during the evenings. It rains more during these warm months, but Búzios gets the least rain in all of the State of Rio.

In the months of April, September and October, the temperatures are mild. Some cool days and some warm days.

The Best time to go to Búzios:

The best time to go to Búzios is from October through March when is hotter, since it is a beach destination, but it is a small city and it is more crowded in the official summer months, that being December, January and February. And as it is a weekend getaway for people who live in Rio, it is best if you can avoid going on weekends. But if you only have weekends available in the middle of the summer, that still shouldn’t make you consider not going. Búzios is definitely worth it.

What to try from Búzios' local cuisine:

Arroz de Mexilhão – Add braised mussel to rice, along with tomatoes, peppers, paprika, onions and garlic.

Sopa de Siri – A Crab soup with vegetables seasoned with salt, olive oil and parsley.

General Information:

Local Time is UTC/GMT – 3.

Currency is the same all over Brazil - BRL – R$ - Brazilian Reais. Pronounced as Re-eyes (plural) or Re-owl (singular). No establishment accepts payment in any currency other than BRL.

Tap water is not drinkable. You should only drink bottled water. That is what you’ll be served when you ask for “water” anywhere you go.

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