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How to get to João Pessoa:

There aren’t any international flights to João Pessoa. Most of the connections to João Pessoa are from Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Brasília and Salvador.  Another good option to reach João Pessoa is by land, from either Recife, which is about 2:30 hours away, or Natal, roughly 3:00 hours away. Both offering international flights.

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João Pessoa is located in the Northeast of Brazil in the State of Paraíba. Due to is flight connections and to its close proximity with some very exciting northeastern destinations, João Pessoa is ideally bundled with Rio, Recife and Natal.

What to see:

João Pessoa is a well-known destination for Brazilians. Its beaches and paradisiacal visual are a famous holiday retreat for brazilian families. The capital of Paraíba is a city full of charm where its coastline gives spectacular views to its visitors. On your first day in town, nothing better than watching the sunset at Farol do Cabo Branco, which is famous for being the best spot to enjoy the whole coast.

But João Pessoa goes far beyond the coastline! Its historic center is one of the most important in Brazil. You can understand its history when strolling through its Baroque art. Walk through Lucena Park, with the original landscaping of Burle Marx, and discover the craft market and the Cultural Center of São Francisco.

But, the city's gems are undoubtedly its beaches and its sea. There are so many options! From south to north, we find delightful beaches such as Jacumã, Tabatinga, Coqueirinho, and the stunning Jacaré beach! With crystal clear waters and turquoise sea, you can enjoy these true heavens and experience unforgettable days, and a long lasting tan!

Climate and Temperature in João Pessoa:

The temperatures in João Pessoa are relatively warm throughout the year. It suits its calling as a beach and sun destination. The yearly average is about 27 Degrees Celsius or 82 Degrees Fahrenheit. The highs normally range from high 20s (in Celsius – mid 80s in Fahrenheit) while the lows are normally around low 20s (in Celsius – low 70s in Fahrenheit)

The highest temperatures are in the months of February and March of about 33 degrees Celsius/ 90 Degrees Farenheit. The Lowest are in July and August of around 22 Celsius or 73 Fahrenheit.

It rains a bit from September through January. It rains some more in February. March and August and the rainy season is between April and July. Winds are strong in August and September.

Average Minimum and Maximum Temperature Over The Year In Celsius

Average Minimum and Maximum Temperature Over The Year In Fahrenheit

Average Rainfall

*Graphs courtesy of World Wheather & Climate Information 

The best time to go to João Pessoa:

The best time to go is either in late October through January, when it is still warm but not the hottest it gets and when it gets the least rain. 

What to try from João Pessoa's local cuisine:

Carne-de-Sol - “Sun-dried-meat”. A Salted beef, which is exposed to the sun for one or two days to cure, leaving a remarkable taste.

Rapadura – This is a sweet also common in other Latin American countries. Being known as Panela, Chanchaca, piloncillo and other names across Latin America. It is made through the boiling and evaporation of the Sugarcane juice. 

General information:

Local Time is UCT/GMT – 3

Currency is the same all over Brazil - BRL – R$ - Brazilian Reais. Pronounced as Re-eyes (plural) or Re-owl (singular). No establishment accepts payment in any currency other than BRL.

Tap water is not drinkable. You should only drink bottled water. That is what you’ll be served when you ask for “water” anywhere you go.

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