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How to get to Bonito:

Some airlines make domestic flights to Bonito, such as GOL and Azul Airlines. For international flights, the destination is Campo Grande, capital of Mato Grosso do Sul, from where you will have to go to Bonito by land.


The city is located 300 kilometers from Campo Grande. Those who disembark in the capital of Mato Grosso do Sul can travel by bus, transfer or rented car.

Those who opt for a bus should go to the Campo Grande bus station, which is far from the airport. Transfers bring greater convenience, as they depart from the airport and leave the passenger at his hotel located in Bonito.

What to see:

Most tours in Bonito take place on private properties, except for the Gruta do Lago Azul (Blue Lake Grotto) and the Municipal Balneary, which are managed by the municipality.

There are several places of interest and activities such as floating, walking through waterfalls and visiting caves and grottos. Choices depend on your tastes and length of stay. If possible, get to know as many attractions in the region as possible, as each one has its own particularities and unique beauties.

There are hundreds of caves in Bonito and the region, and some of them are open for tourist visitation. The main one is the Gruta do Lago Azul, discovered in 1924, which houses a lake with a beautiful bluish hue, making it an obligatory stop for visitors. This cave is one of the largest flooded cavities on the planet.

For those who enjoy underwater life, floating tours are essential. In the Sucuri and Rio da Prata rivers, you will be able to see the exuberant vegetation and a wide variety of fish in super crystal clear water!

Wheather and Temperature in Bonito:

Bonito has a mild temperature. The average maximum is around 27 degrees Celsius or 79 degrees Fahrenheit. The minimum is lower, hovering around 16 degrees Celsius or 63 degrees Fahrenheit, and can reach 15 degrees Celsius or 59 degrees Fahrenheit in June and July.

The rainy season runs from December to March. In these months the rivers are fuller, the vegetation is greener and it is easier to see the animals, as the food supply is abundant. The downside is that the rain prevents some walks and can make the water in the rivers more cloudy.

Average minimun and maximum temperature over the year in Farenheit:


Monthly precipitation

*Graphs courtesy of World Wheather & Climate Information 

The Best time to go to Bonito:

All over the year. However, if you don't like cold water, avoid the months of June and July, as it can get cold. In the dry season, between May and September, the rivers are shallower and crystalline.

What to try from Bonito's local cuisine:

The cuisine of Mato Grosso do Sul presents a cosmopolitan cuisine, and therefore, Bonito has a great gastronomic diversity. You will be able to enjoy tasty fish like roasted pacu, grilled fish, piranha soup and piraputanga.

There are also exotic meats for many, such as alligator, wild boar and peccary (also known as "trio pantaneiro"). Also, beef, traditional in the region, could not be missing.

Another typical dish is the Carreteiro rice, which emerged to meet the need for Pantanal logistics. Without being able to freeze the food, the members of the delegations that took and still take hundreds of head of cattle across the Pantanal carried the jerked beef in trunks and, there, the dried meat was added to the rice, guaranteeing the meal and food for the workers.

General Information:

Local Time is UCT/GMT – 3.

Currency is the same all over Brazil - BRL – R$ - Brazilian Reais. Pronounced as Re-eyes (plural) or Re-owl (singular). No establishment accepts payment in any currency other than BRL.

Tap water is not drinkable. You should only drink bottled water. That is what you’ll be served when you ask for “water” anywhere you go.

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