The beautiful beaches from northeast of Brazil

Brazil is all about the tropical heat and amazing nature. But when we’re talking about beaches, the northeast part of Brazil comes into the spotlight. Some cities like Salvador, Natal, Fortaleza, Recife, João Pessoa and Maceió hold some of the most beautiful places you have ever been.

Let’s pick some of the favorites: Morro de São Paulo is a hidden paradise just some hours away from Salvador. Enjoy this beautiful, pristine beaches on the island of Tinhare, this enchanting local features amazing beaches and living tide pools! Still in Bahia we have the famous Praia do Forte, that has been nicknamed the “Brazilian Polynesia”, with more than 12km of beaches that provide a whole range of leisure pursuits!

Going up to Rio Grande do Norte State, we find this charming city of Natal, with all that a cosmopolitan city needs like the nightlife and good places to shop. One of its nearby gems Maracajáu, just a few kilometers from the capital, you will experience all of the beauty of a beach that still untouched by civilization. Here is a perfect place if you like to practice snorkeling and diving!

If your vacations are in the State of Ceará, at the capital Fortaleza, you will have an incredible experience, and will know an open minded, receptive and really lovely people. Close to Fortaleza you will find one of the most sought after destinations in the state: Morro Branco. This spot was used as location for various television and movie productions. It is famous worldwide for the art created by the sand. There you will see many different colors. Here you can wander around the labyrinths formed by the dunes:

In the State of Pernambuco, you will have unbelievable views every single time you see the coastline. If you are looking for a special place, make some time to go to Cabo de Santo Agostinho, located on the southern coast. It became known for its natural beauty, warm and clear waters. You will be in direct contact with nature in a way you have never experienced before! This place will win you over and make you want to come back again and again!

Heading north, of the city of Maceió, you will reach the famous Paripueira beach, with its calm waters, great for diving and for observing the coral coast. There you will find the second largest environmental preservation area in the world. Take a boat and relax in its warm and shallow waters.

This is a brief introduction, so don’t think that this is all that the northeastern has to offer. Take your time and check the information we offer on each of these cities and check our wide variety of products. Pick your favorite amongst these beautiful destinations.