The Falls You Deserve And The Ones You Need Too!

“Foz do Iguaçu” or “Iguassu Falls” is a must see in Brazil (or Argentina for that matter). There is so much to see and experience! In addition to the Falls, that you can experience in a lot of different ways (all worth it, by the way), there are several other options. The bird park, the Itaipu Dam, the Ice Bar in Puerto Iguazu in Argentina, shopping options in both Argentina and Paraguay and several other great activities.

1st day

My First day in Iguassu consisted of a City tour of Iguassu Falls and the Landmark of the Three frontiers. and a tour of the Itaipu Dam.

It was very interesting to learn about the history of city and the history of the Paraguay War. Its motivations, the alliances and the outcome of the war all play a part in the relations of Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay today. And specially with Paraguay, you can say that it has defined where the economy of the country is today. In addition to all the history, I got to see the Mosque of Iguassu Falls, built over 30 years ago. it really atests that Iguassu Falls has one of the most important important Islamic communities in the Country. We ended the tour at the Buddhist temple which was really interesting. It was a good chance to get in touch with a religion that is not so widespread in Brazil and That I really never had a chance to learn more about. and the temple itself is really interesting with its architecture and statues.

in the afternoon I got a chance to see the incredible Itaipu Dam. A very important percentage of Brazil’s energy is produced there and the majority of Paraguay’s as well. It sits at the very frontier between the two countries and everything there is divided in half. From the number of employees, to the energy produce. it even has a legislation of its own. it is truly a binational Dam.

In the evening we went to the Ice Bar. You can only spend 30 minutes, but it is so cold that it feels like forever! And it is all you can drink for the 30 minutes. Hopefully it will help you feel warmer!

2nd day

My second day was perfect! if you have a single day there (plan to stay longer than that!!) this what you should do!

I took a Iguassu Falls Brazil Side with the additition of Macuco – Floating Safari and a Helicopter flight over the Falls. It was the best thing I did! the majority of the falls are on the Argentinian side, therefore the best views to the falls are from the Brazil side. That is where you will get the panoramic views of the falls. Seeing it is not enough. it is “mandatory” that you take the Macuco Floating Safari. I got in the boat and a anxious smile plastered on my face the whole way through. Piece of advice. if you should either bring a change of clothes or go in this ride just using a bathing suit. Once you are about to board the boat, there is no dresscode whatsoever. so you are going to get wet…doesn’t matter if you wear a raincoat it will keep you dry at first, but once you go beneath the falls, there isn’t much you can do. Trust me. where just your bathing suit. If you really don’t want to do that, BRING A CHANGE OF CLOTHES!

In addition to have seen the waterfalls from afar, getting wet by it on the boat ride, I flew over it. From up there, it almost make the falls seem small. In truth, the Iguassu River is gigantic. It is such a unique look from the falls. Definitely WORTH IT!

Almost across the street is the bird park. The number of bird species they have there is simply amazing! There are parts of the park where you walk into the aviaries and see so many beautiful birds right next to you..And living peceafully with several other types of birds…well that shouldn’t come as a surprise really, this is how they live in the nature isn’t it!?

The park is populated with birds that no longer have the condition to live in the wild and the park gives them the condition to live a happy life in a controled enviroment.

For dinner I was feeling in a mood for Churrasco! (barbecue). The biggest barbecue house is Rafain. Where a folklore show happens from monday through saturday. An all you can eat buffet and barbecue and show with a bit of the culture of all of Brazil.

3rd day

Before leaving I had to know the difference between the Brazilian side and the Argentinian side. Actually, I had to see it!

It was then and there that I understood what I have been told on my first day. “It is like a theather. In the Brazilian side you are on the audience, in the Argentinian side you are on stage. There you can walk to be just a few meters away from the “Devil’s Throat”. You have falls to your left, to your right, passing beneath you. You are just a lot closer to the falls than on the Brazilian side. it is a different perspective and one that is worth it if you have the time to do it.

Just note that there is a lot more walking on the Argentinian side if you want to do it all. Be honest with your guide on how much you can really walk so that you enjoy the visit!

Iguassu Falls is incredible and there is more to it than just the falls!