What should I do in Rio?

There is a Rio for everyone. You really just have to find out which one is your Rio.

What you are going to do in a City like Rio de Janeiro, depends on a few different things, one of them, being the lengh of stay. but the most important one is.. What do you dream about the whole year? is expending time outside? Seeing the most well known landmarks? Imersing yourself in the local culture?

Here are a few different suggestions for different types of travelers.

First Timer

If you never been to Rio and you are not hoping to be coming back in a while and it is more of a “see the sights traveler” then you really should do “Rio 101”.

If you have 2 days:

Do the Rio By day, in which you get to see the Two most famous sights in Rio. in the evening Watch the Plataforma show with Dinner. The next day, do a Jeep tour in the morning and a Helicopter Flight in the afternoon.

If you have 3 days:

Consider taking the Sugar Loaf and the Christ Redeemer on different days and add the Guanabara Bay Cruise. And try to have an afternoon free to walk around the beaches of Leblon, Ipanema and Leblon. Try to watch the sunset from Apoador Rock, right between Ipanema and Copacabana.

If you have 4 days:

Add a tour to a city outside of Rio. Either Petrópolis where the Emperor used to spend the summer or go to enjoy the beaches of either Búzios or Angra dos Reis.

Nature and Outdoor Lover.

If you are active, likes hiking, awesome views, then you Rio has a lot to offer! 

There are even alternate ways of getting to know the most famous landmarks of Rio.

If you have 2 days:

Go up the Corcoado Mountain to reach the Christ Redeemer Statue in a hike through the Parque Lage and do a bike tour through Copacabana and Flamengo from where you can catch awesome views from Sugar Loaf across the Bay.

If you have 3 days:

Add a Hawaian Canoe tour. You will be able to go out in the bay and see the Sugar Loaf from a very unique perspective and get some excercise done along the way. Rio from the sea looks so peaceful.

If you have 4 days:

Either add a Hike to the Dois Irmãos. From where you can see very unique views from the South Zone or to the Gavea Rock from where you can get a higher perspective and views from a huge part of the city.