Fun in the Amazon Forest

In the middle of the Amazon Forest, the capital Manaus is a pearl in the north of Brazil. A big urban city that offers culture, entertainment, history and an amazing and unique ecotourism environment.

You can divide your trip here in two parts: first, get to know the city. You can see astonishing pieces of architecture everywhere. Places like the Amazonas Theater, Justice Palace, Rio Negro Palace and the Municipal Market are just a few of the constructions that are worth a visit! At Rio Negro Palace, the old official residence of the Governor is a beautiful example of the architecture of the Golden age of rubber production.

On the other hand, you can get out of town and book some amazing tours experiences. Get the best of being in a city inside the Amazon Forest. One of the most popular tours in the state is the meeting of the waters. From inside a boat, you will witness the unbelievable meeting of the Negro and Solimões rivers as they join the Amazon River.

But don’t stop there! When we are talking about nature, Amazon has many and many beauties, and the waterfalls at Presidente Figueiredo are one of them. Leaving from Manaus you will get inside the forest and presence the breathtaking waterfalls formed in the middle of the jungle, with a local guide you will not only be able to enjoy but learn about all the local history.

And if you are looking for more adventure, why not learn some survival techniques? Your survival class begins in a boat, along your jungle tour, learn about the different types of vegetation, how to identify fruit, trees, medicine leaves, roots and how to find various sources of water. You will also learn how to construct small traps to catch animals.

Pack your things and be ready to enjoy another kind of holidays, where you will interact with nature like you’ve never done before! Book now!