Art in Rio

Often overshadowed by the beauty of nature, beaches, and uncountable beautiful landscapes that are all over town, the art scene of the city is getting bigger and stronger than ever before.

             There are a few places that you will find amazing art, culture combined in a unique way with nature that you can only find in Rio. Here are a few galleries that validate Rio’s status as a must visit destination for art and culture.

–         Museu de Arte do Rio ( Rio Art Museum)

Recently opened in 2013 as part of Rio de Janeiro’s plan to revitalize its cultural sector, the museum’s highly innovative design, comprising of three existing buildings of differing architectural styles that have been joined together under a single, billowing roof. Exhibitions draw from the museum’s permanent collection of roughly 3,000 works of Brazilian and international art.

–         Museu de Arte Contemporânea ( Museum of Contemporary Art)

Also known as the MAC or even “ The Flying Saucer” in relation to its distinctive architecture, designed by the one and only Oscar Niemeyer, it’s Rio de Janeiro’s most popular gallery, drawing contemporary art fans from all corners of the country. In addition to the collection, you will have amazing and breathtaking views of the city.

–         Museu de Arte Moderna ( Museum of Modern Art )

Also known as MAM, it is one of the most important cultural institutions in the whole of Brazil. Today it holds an impressive collection of modern art, attracting worldwide visitors. The Museus is easily recognized from afar by its distinct and modern architecture. When visiting Rio de Janeiro, join its locals in admiring this incredible building as well as the beautiful artwork that is exhibited inside.

                In cloudy days or even when the sun is out, you can appreciate and have a pleasant day in many places in the city! Take a look and don’t miss this opportunity.